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Learn to Dance in AR and VR

Unlock your dance potential with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re a beginner, or looking to refine your moves, our apps guide you through every beat, using augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI.

Our Apps


The New
Salsa Academy

Learn from master instructors, dance with an AI, and get personalized feedback in this fully immersive class.

Mobile AR

Dance Reality

Look through your smartphone and step on animated footprints to practice common steps in salsa, bachata, waltz, hip-hop, and more.

Our Story

Our founders are two passionate salsa dancers from Seattle. While Bee was a dancer since childhood, Andy struggled for months before he could gain the confidence to ask someone to dance. Inspired by their experiences, they created the world's first augmented reality app designed to help people learn to dance. Building on this, Dance Reality was established, leveraging the latest advancements in AR, VR, and AI to make dance accessible to everyone.


In 2024, we introduced The New Salsa Academy, a fully-immersive VR app with master instructors, an AI dance partner, and personalized feedback.


​Our mission is to use technology to spread the joy of dance globally.

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