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We are working on a VR app! Click here to join the private beta.

Learn to Dance

in Augmented Reality.

How it Works

How it Works

Dance Reality uses your smartphone or tablet's latest augmented reality technology to place footprints onto the floor in front of you.  You look through your phone to step on the footprints, then you follow the animation to practice common dance patterns.  The app is not intended to be a substitute for in-person dance instruction, but it will get you started, and help you practice steps and rhythm anywhere, anytime. Practice makes perfect!



• Animated footprints help you step in the right spot at the right time

• Control the speed to learn at your own pace

• Counting voice-over helps you stay on the beat

• Music for each style so you can practice to the beat

• Choose between Follow and Lead steps

• Solo and Couple practice

• A variety of dance styles to choose from (salsa, bachata, waltz, hip-hop...)

• Instructional videos from professional dancers

• Virtual instructors appear directly in your environment (for some classes)

• Adaptive learning automatically adjusts the difficulty  based on your feedback (for some classes)

Hands-free VR Private Beta

We are working on a fully-immersive VR app.  If you are interested in trying it, visit

Private Beta


Dance Reality is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

A smartphone or tablet compatible with ARKit or ARCore is required.


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