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We’ve Launched on Android!!

Hey everyone, it’s out!!! Today we are announcing that we’ve released Dance Reality on Android. As Google’s ARCore became available on more device models (over 100 now), we felt it was time to make an Android version. All the features and content of the existing iOS app are included.

In addition to the animated footprints, the latest release also features holograms of dance instructors teaching entire classes directly in your environment.

When we first came up with the idea for Dance Reality, it was meant to be just a tool to help practice the steps you’re learning in class. But many of you told us that you would like to learn directly from the app. We experimented quite a bit with what can be done in mobile-AR, and came up with a new way to capture entire lessons and show them in the app as holograms of the instructors. To start, we’ve included a full beginner salsa class for free.

To make the class more effective, we decided to make it ‘adaptive’. With adaptive learning, the class evolves based on your feedback. For instance, if you’re having trouble, the instructor explains the step in more detail. If you’re following along, it will add more challenges like faster pace, or music. This allows for a more personalized experience than what you would get in a group class.

We hope you like the new holograms. Please let us know what you think by posting a comment below or emailing us at Enjoy!


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